Weft/Weave Extensions


Flat Track - LA Weave - Invisible Weave - Beaded Weft - Miami Weave  

What is Beaded Rows/Braid Less Sew In?

Traditionally weave extensions are installed once the person's natural hair is braided against the scalp, in the direction the extensions are being installed. With the Beaded Row technique, you need neither adhesive nor braids! Not all hair can support the tension of being braided for eight weeks at a time and adhesive can be scary! Instead, why not try the Beaded Row/Braid Less sew in technique. Its a completely unique method of installation that creates a foundation for the extensions with microbeads.

Braid less sew ins are also called flat tracks, LA weave, Miccrobead weft or invisible weft.  using beads instead of braiding ensures there is even distribution of tension on the hair leading tot extra support for the extensions once installed. After installation the care for the extension is minimal - just follow your normal hair care routine! The Braid Less Sew In is perfect for someone who wants to try something different - The installation will last anywhere from 6-8 weeks depending on the rate of your hair growth.

Why would someone want a Braid Less Sew In?

A Braid Less Sew In is perfect for individuals whose hair does not stay well in long term braids or who hate the residue left over from other adhesive extension methods. This method is ideal for those ladies who love a glam top knot or ponytail once properly installed the extensions won’t show at all - not even with an Arianna Grande-esque ponytail!  The Beaded Row and the Braid Less Sew In methods are completely adhesive free which makes moving them up or removal almost effortless. Additionally, these methods allow for the installation of an extension with the least amount of contact points with the clients own head/hair. The minimal contact points allow easy access to the scalp. As such a client can easily wash and condition without issue. Some feel that the Braid Less Sew In is the healthiest method for installing extensions due to the minimal contact points.

Since there is no adhesive or tape involved there are no limitations on what products can be used on the hair or scalp. With the expertise of your stylist, you can easily dye or tone your hair and extensions together in the same visit! There is no need to visit the salon multiple times to get the hair you’ve always wanted.   

Who is a good candidate for this method?

An ideal candidate will have at least 6 inches of hair or more and will not have any signs of consistent traction, alopecia or tension related concerns.